QA Officer (QSR)-Zomato -

QA Officer (QSR)-Zomato

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QA Officer (QSR)-Zomato

QA Officer (QSR)-Zomato

QA Officer (QSR)-Zomato

Title: Job Openings for QA Officers in Hyderabad, Pune, and Mumbai (QSR)

Hello everyone,

We’re excited to announce job openings for QA Officers in Hyderabad, Pune, and Mumbai, specifically in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry.

Position: QA Officer (QSR Background Only)
Experience: Minimum 1-2 years
Location: Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai


  • Conduct regular inspections of food preparation areas, ensuring adherence to safety and quality standards.
  • Develop and implement quality control procedures to maintain consistency in food products and services.
  • Collaborate with kitchen staff to identify areas for improvement in food handling and storage practices.
  • Monitor and evaluate product samples to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and customer expectations.
  • Investigate and resolve cus tomer complaints related to food quality or service.
  • Train employees on quality assurance protocols and best practices.
  • Maintain accurate documentation of quality assurance activities and findings.

If you have the required experience and are passionate about ensuring quality in the QSR sector, we encourage you to send your CV to

Don’t miss this opportunity to join a dynamic team and contribute to the quality assurance processes in the food industry!

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