Bhopal for Civil Work -

Bhopal for Civil Work

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Bhopal for Civil Work

Bhopal for Civil Work

Hey Everyone,

We have urgent job openings in Bhopal for various positions related to civil work. If you or someone you know is interested and qualified, please see the details below:

Positions Available:

  1. Sr. Store Keeper: Responsible for managing inventory, organizing stock, and maintaining records of materials.
  2. Site Accountant: Duties include managing financial transactions, preparing reports, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards.
  3. Sr. Civil Engineer: Overseeing construction projects, conducting feasibility studies, and ensuring adherence to design specifications and safety regulations.
  4. Site Supervisor: Supervising construction activities, coordinating with subcontractors, and ensuring timely completion of projects.
  5. QA/QC Engineer: Conducting quality inspections, implementing quality control measures, and ensuring compliance with project requirements.

Location: Bhopal

If you’re interested or have any recommendations, please contact us at


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